The Hive, Batch Strength, Batch 2 (Wemyss Malts)

The Hive, Batch Strength, Batch 2 (Wemyss Malts)
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Final Verdict

Fresh and lively, but at times maybe just a little too edgy.

The Batch Strength releases from Wemyss add extra punch and complexity to the whiskies’ already complex character. The Hive is characterised by soft honey notes, and here they come even more to the fore, with controlled sweetness and gentle spice.


No of Bottles6000


Chill Filtered No


Initially there’s some dry glue and the crystallised remnants found at the bottom of a honey jar. Slightly brittle, with lemon leaf and lime blossom, before things move towards a pollen-filled mown meadow and ripe melon. It remains sweet and floral when water is added, along with the smell of a new book, tangerine, banana and then a slight sappiness.


This is fairly brisk and buzzy (forgive me), thanks to the higher strength. Those high-toned citric elements are to the fore, along with green grassiness, flower honey and carnations. Water settles things down and turns what is a slightly aggressive finish into perky ginger elements.


A touch of green apple. Just a little raw.



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